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How Would You Like To Generate 3, 5, 10, Even 20 New High-Ticket Coaching Or Consulting Clients That Appreciate The Value You Bring And Don’t Penny Pinch On Prices …

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I Help Coaches, Consultants And Entrepreneurs Start Or Grow Wildly Profitable Businesses Around Their Biggest Passions.

I Guide Them How To Attract High-Ticket Clients On Autopilot, That Enables Them To Live Their Ideal Lifestyle. 

I focus on helping them build or grow their businesses to minimum 6 figures and well beyond in income. I coach my clients to become leaders in their niches, we systemise their lead flow with high quality leads and implement proven ways to get them selling fast; often in the first meeting.

My services are not cheap but if your looking to build or grow your life and business to the next level, and have the money to invest in yourself and your business…

…Then you need to hit the button below and check out the case study, I guarantee it will be worth
your time.


About Bryan

Hi there, I’m Bryan Clarke and a little about me … I’m an Irish guy from a small town not far from Dublin.

On top of enjoying entrepreneurship and coaching I also have a big interest in, travel and adventure, filmmaking, photography, engineering and science, snowboarding, football (soccer), scuba-diving, skydiving etc pretty much anything adventurous.

I’m a big traveler I’ve lived on three continents and visited 59 countries mostly in Africa, Europe and North America, so far.

Some Trivia!!!

  • I have visited 59 Countries so far on 3 continents
  • I’ve lived in Dublin, Galway, New York City, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver, Barcelona and in a tent all through Africa and the Middle East.
  • I finished the 2010 Berlin Marathon on a diet of McFlurry’s and Magnums with no training (It wasn’t pretty but I crossed the line!)
  • With limited hiking experience I managed to climb Mt Cameroon in a day. (4100m (14,000ft)) and sat in a nest of fire ants on the way down!
  • Visited the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ stadium where Ali and Foreman fought in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo(formerly Zaire) where I was nearly robbed!
  • Spent a couple of nights Homeless in Boston!!!
  • Went shark cage diving and Bungee Jumping in South Africa, saw the great Victoria Falls, was escorted though Mauritania with 27 armed soldiers, spent a few crazy days in Lagos(Nigeria), spend a birthday on the highest sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, had a water fight in the Sahara Desert, ran with the bulls in Pamplona and so much more ….


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