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Following on from the last post on Compound Success we bring you one of its biggest drivers.

Compound Action works through a fantastic psychological ‘trick’ known as positive feedback loops.

Now Positive Feedback Loops can either work for you or work against you in the form of negative feedback loops.

Positive and Negative Feedback loops work through your brain’s belief system. If a positive thing happens when you do something your belief in being able to do that thing jumps slightly, so you do it again and boom you get another boost in belief and confidence and so on all the way up to superstardom!

Over time as I’m sure you can see this has massive affects on your belief system allowing you the belief to take on bigger and bigger things therefor having exponential results.

Make sure to be careful of the trap however, if you do something and it doesn’t go too well be careful not to fall into a negative downward spiral.

Thats why we’ll see a little later of the benefit of taking big action and leaping in to those arctic waters rather than just dipping your feet in.

Some examples of these feedback loops in action.

Business Example

Lets say you were doing a marketing campaign and you decided to send out 5 non-personalised emails and got zero responses and you did this again the next day and on and on for 5 days straight. A total of 25 emails sent, over 5 days. Still zero responses. If you don’t have your mindset right this can very easily turn into a negative feedback loop.

However if instead we send out 50 non-personalised emails a day we are much more likely to get a response off even just a few people. Therefor, this will increase our belief in the system and our ability which only increases over time the more you do it.

When I first started marketing I didn’t take big enough actions and was left with mediocre results. Thankfully I discovered the benefits of feedback loops.

Physical example;

When I was first learning to snowboard I was on these dry slopes in Edinburgh, Scotland. I remember falling over non-stop and on the dry slopes it hurt immensely. The ‘snow’ was the same material as really strong bristles sticking up, similar to an outdoor yard brush. I went home that day with brushes all over my legs and I don’t think I managed to stand up once.

I could of easily throw in the towel and gave up on snowboarding after a few falls and let the negative loop affect me but I kept going.

I didn’t snowboard again after that for about 2 years, not because I was avoiding it but because I didn’t have the opportunity. Then I was on the slopes in Canada and to my astonishment after literally about 5 mins on the board on real snow I was standing up and going down the slopes completely naturally.

While these feedback loops were very compressed into a narrow amount of space, its still the same thing. I took fast, big and determined action and that gave me the ability to get the hang of snowboarding. At least the basics anyway!

This is the reason that fast and big action is so important. You want to get these positive feedback loops going in the right direction as quickly as possible. This allows you to get quick results, giving you quick belief and keeping you motivated to keep going.

Check out the picture. This is how our brain works.

We have our potential,
We take action on this potential,
Then depending on how much action we took,
We have results on this action
Which then increases our potential.
The loop continues, again and again.

Now that you have discovered the power of feedback loops or at least been reminded off them, how do you think you will implement them towards your goals?

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