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It takes a lot of courage to launch your first information product but if you don’t know already the rewards can really be huge.

Just to get you a little bit excited some of these benefits can include;

  • Leveraging Your Time — (No longer trade your time for money)
  • Your Income Is Virtually Unlimited (Create the product once and sell to unlimited amount of people)
  • True Location Independence (If creating an online product, can be run from anywhere)
  • True Lifestyle Design (Essentially you can live your ‘passion’ — Your coaching others on what your most likely doing everyday)

Perfect Lifestyle

You might be asking yourself questions like;

The thing to realise is that, all these questions and more go through everybody’s head when they create their first product.

This is one of the things you will have to use the ready, fire, aim methods to overcome, because the confidence comes after you get paying clients, release the product and start getting your clients results.

Your First Steps When Creating A New Product

Often times when experts are creating a new product they will spend weeks, months even years creating a product before knowing if it will actually sell.

They’re trying to make the perfect product.

But I can tell you that this is the worst idea to start with.

Before wasting time creating a product, you want to first figure out what kind of market there is for your expertise.

The good news is chances are that there is a market for it, as there is a market for just about any niche on the planet.

Just think how big the internet is.

Anything from learning how to juggle to nutrition. How to train your hamster to how to learn photography all have audiences.

However, its important to first get at least one paying client before you start creating the content.

This will prove to you that there is definitely a market for your product from PAYING clients, this will build your confidence. It will also allow you to create a product that clients actually want.

For example you could be creating a product with information that you assume people want but often times it is something else that the clients are more interested in learning about.

Therefor its better to be interacting with clients to find out what they actually want to learn about.

After You’ve Sold Your First Client

Now after you have sold your first client you want to find out what it is that, that client is having trouble with and begin solving that problem is a very clear way through your training.

The best products I have found are created using videos over creating ebooks or audio. As I find it is a much clearer way to learn the skill or gain the knowledge being thought, and also you can generally charge a higher price for it.

But most importantly, it can increase the chances that your content will be actually consumed by your clients, and therefor increase the likelihood that they will actually put it in to action and get the results.

I have many products that I have bought over the years, as I’m sure many of you have that I haven’t more that flicked through after purchasing them.

  • There is generally two reasons for this;The product was overwhelming, there was a 150 page ebook followed by 4 hours of audio followed by 5 other bonus ebooks to get through.
  • The product I purchased was relatively inexpensive and I didn’t either feel it had much value or I didn’t feel I was really invested/committed because the price was so cheap.

Overwhelming Library

Two lessons learned from this;

  • Avoid creating too much content for your clients that they become overwhelmed and don’t take action and therefore don’t get the result. Instead figure out where your clients are currently at and where they want to go. Then creating a product that takes them there in the FASTEST way possible even if it seems like you don’t have much content.
  • Charge an amount based on the value you are bringing to your client and don’t sell yourself short.

To create a video based product you can use a tool such as Screenflow (For Mac) or Camtasia Studio (For Windows) these basically allow you to record your computer screen and talk over it with your voice. This allows you to create engaging presentations for your clients.

You can also use live video of yourself if your skill or knowledge needs this, or you can create a hybrid of both.

Now you want to make sure your getting feedback from your clients as your going through your first intake and update your content to make things clearer, add bits in that are missing and emit items that are not actually important to the clients.

Remember you are creating content that you will be selling for the long term so it will take more work early on, because your goal here should be that you are providing the best content and product for your particular niche.

Your aim should be that you want to become the best in the world at teaching this particular skill or knowledge to this group of people.

Creating A Community

Community Building

On top of creating content you will likely want to consider the option of giving your clients the ability to easily get support from you, this will allow your clients to get the results they need much quicker, it will also allow you to charge premium prices for your product because your giving your time and expertise to give these clients that extra support.

This support can come in the form of a weekly group call or 1on1 call. But I prefer group calls as it gives an opportunity to build a stronger community (more on this in later) and each client can learn off each other. Plus it allows you to leverage your time a lot more powerfully.

Now to offer these group calls there is a couple of tools that you can use;

  • One is Google Hangouts which is free and simple to use and
  • The other is Zoom which is free if your calls run 40 mins or less and only $15/mth for longer calls. The benefits of Zoom is that it gives you many options when trying to teach others online such as drawing on the screen and allows much more people on the call if needed.

You should definitely consider building a Facebook group for your clients, this is of huge benefit to both you and your clients and is so simple to set up.

It allows you to build a thriving community of highly engaged clients all going for the same goal.

It also allow each client to learn off each other though their successes and failures.

It allows them the opportunity to find an accountability buddy so that they remain committed to following the process and getting the results.

Why Its So Important to Get Your Clients Results

Isn’t it obvious that your only aim for creating any product or service is to create as much value as possible for your clients and get them results.

Its a sad day when you see prospects that are nervous to sign up with you because they have been burned by some ‘snake oil salesman’ who released a product in the hope to make a quick buck and then move on to a new niche quickly.

This is one thing that will separate you from many others, the determination to put the clients results above everything else.

Apart from the obvious advantages to the client from getting the best results possible, the benefits to you are massive, and these include building huge confidence in yourself, the great feelings that come with helping someone achieve a dream and building a name for yourself that you do great work for your clients and you actually get them results.

Before you begin your new product, class, course or event make sure that you remind your clients that the only way that they will see the results is if they take the required actions.

You should use an analogy to describe this for example,

“When you buy a gym pass thats only the first step in achieving your fitness or strength goals, but to actually see the results you need to actually turn up to the gym and put in the grind. When you do that, the results become inevitable. Its the exact same with this product, its designed in a way that when you put in the work you will see the results. Remember its important to me to get you the results and I will do all I can to help you, but ultimately it is up to you to actually turn up and put in the work and take the action to hit your goals.”

Your Turn

Essentially thats the general structure of how you can set up a information product or course, build a community and become the best in the world helping the people in your niche, achieve their desired results.

Congratulations, your now ahead of 99% of people out there who want to create their own products and become the best in the world.

Now if your ready to set up, commit and take action to create your coaching product or if you already have a product and are looking to explode your results wildly …

Then your in luck because for a limited time I am looking to take on a few ‘dream clients’ who want to build a 6 or even 7 figure income, based around their ideal lifestyle and to have the complete freedom of location

If you found this article helpful I highly recommend you sign up for the short training video here, it will show you how to get started with the first and most crucial step.

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Then after that if your one of those people who knows this is perfect for you then your more than welcome to schedule a call and apply for a place on full in depth training.

During the call we’ll talk about a customised strategy to help you develop or grow a coaching or consulting business where you could go on to hit income levels from $10,000 to even $100,000 per month and beyond, all while living your dream lifestyle.

Then on the call, if we think your a good fit we will extend an invitation to work with us as one of our clients

As I mentioned earlier, I am only looking for a win win with my clients, its essentially to me to get my clients results so if your willing to commit to taking action then I feel we’ll be a good fit.

Having said that I do realise that there are a small number of people who I just can’t help and if thats the case I will be 100% up front and there is no obligation or anything like that.

So go ahead and sign up for the training right now as it will be coming offline in the next few days

Then go ahead and book a call with me.

I look forward to seeing you on the call and crushing it together for years to come.

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