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It was a Sunday when I got into Kigali the capital of Rwanda. Unfortunately we only had time for a brief tour of the capital.

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Later that day we drove up to Ruhengeri where we were heading to visit the Mountain Gorillas, something that I was really looking forward to. Not only that but we were treated to some incredible scenery along that way.

Rwanda Scenery

After arriving at our camp site in Ruhengeri I finally got to have myself one of the greatest African beers Primus. The last time I got to taste this sweet nectar before this was in Kinshasa when we got a tour of the Primus factory many months before, the wait was finally over.

Primus Beer

On the day we were up early to see the gorillas. We first had to take a hike up to the edge of the park, where we climbed over a stone wall and got into the jungle where we had to move through thick jungle vegetation and a lot of very large nettle looking things, unfortunately I didn’t catch their names, but they stung like hell!

Eventually we came across a family of gorillas, which was lucky as we had only been trekking for about and hour and a half. Often times it can take well over 5 hours to come across any of the gorillas.

There was about 12 gorillas in this family, and the silverback was named Charles! We seen some of the younger gorillas hanging out of vines until one snapped under its own weight. Pretty amusing, just like something I would do when I was a kid! Actually something I would probably still do.

Then we were amazed when the silverback, Charles walked right in front of us only about 2 meters away. Then a few moments later one of the baby gorillas passed in front of me.

Bryan Clarke With Silverback Rwanda Gorillas

Not long after this our time was up with the gorillas and we prepared for our short trek back to the jeep.

After getting back to the campsite, it was nice to have a warm meal after a rather wet time during the trek.

A great day and something I’d love to see again, at some point in the future.

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Bryan Clarke Rwanda Gorillas

Rwanda Gorilla Family 2

Rwanda Scenery 1

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