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Unfortunately I couldn’t locate my Malawi pictures for I included my Malawi exit stamp at Songwe

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Heading north from Mozambique, we reached the Malawi border in the late afternoon. The border crossing was a relative breeze to get though, unlike others in Africa.

Arriving in Lilongwe the capital of Malawi that evening, were we explored around and stayed for one night, even managing to fit in a run.

After getting our money changed, we headed to Kande beach resort were we would stay, on the edge of Lake Malawi for a few days.

After taking a look out at the beach and across the lake, it really started to resemble an ocean as the lake was so big, especially compared to the lakes back home. Lake Malawi is the world’s night largest lake and takes up at least a quarter of the whole country.

The next day we headed for a swim, and the waves that the lake produced were huge, as big or bigger than a lot of the lakes I saw in the ocean and just as powerful. The next few days would be spend relaxing on the edge of the beach, going for a big run around the area and having a couple of beers.

After leaving Kande beach, we headed north to stay at another campsite at Lake Malawi, on the way we stopped to gather up supplies for our cook group that night. The markets here definitely reminded me of the same ones out in West Africa, more rural and less commercial than what we had recently been through in Southern Africa.

Leaving Malawi we headed north to Songwe border crossing and into Tanzania.

Malawi, was a great little country to explore, especially Lake Malawi but our time was fairly short here.

Full passport page below;

Malawi Exit Stamp Songwe Bryan

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