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We all know how much better our life would be if we just decided to take that action towards our goal rather than overthinking it.

I know it has affected me and will continue to in the future but what I need to do is remind myself of its importance and to build an addiction to taking action first.

By overthinking everything we are left with two scenarios:

1. We continue to overthink indefinitely and never get what we want.

2. We eventually have to take that same action that we have been overthinking to make progress on our goal.

Therefor, by overthinking we either never get our goal and drive ourselves insane in the process by always thinking about it, or we delay our goals and happiness often times for years just so we can have the ‘perfect plan’ and wouldn’t have any of the pain associated with hitting your goal.

Things like rejection, being in physical pain, being uncomfortable and so on…

If you look closely at any person you consider truly successful you will see that there was none of them that hasn’t had their fair share of setbacks and failures along the way.

Another way to think about it

You might think right now, that if I was handed this goal that my life would be so much better instantly. Well I can tell you that you’re life would improve slightly maybe if your in a significantly bad way such as being completely broke or being very overweight.

However, we have seen again and again that if you don’t put in the work to get your goals then you very quickly loose what you got.

– It happens to lottery winners all the time, going from $1m+ to crippling debt in no time flat

– It happens to people being overweight and on a fad diet were they do the diet, loss a little weight and then put it straight back on again and more because they didn’t make a lasting change and just went on a short term diet.

Most important, the happiness and respect that you are actually seeking are on the other side of those painful situations. By going through the pain of rejection or discomfort you build up an appreciation for the goal you have obtained, you also build up a respect from those close to you and others for putting in all that hard work and ingenuity instead of being handed your goal.

Here’s what Theodore Roosevelt once said of the people he admired;

The good thing is by taking constant action and what I mean by action is right action not being busy but action that will move the needle on your goals.

You will recognise these actions by how they make you feel.

– If it feels comfortable then its generally busy action

– If it feels uncomfortable and painful then your starting to move the needle

Decide first if the action is irreversible or not. If it is then you need to take that action and plan after.

* By irreversible I mean that it would not cause you death or serious injury, or financial ruin especially if you have a family. Make sure that if your starting a business not to put all your money into something unless you are prepared to lose it. First start with a mini version of it to validate it in the market with paying customers.

Once you have this mindset about taking action first, start following this process;

1. Have an idea of what you want to achieve
2. Quickly figure out the first step of what you need to do to get there (That Uncomfortable Thing!)
3. Quickly take action on the first step
4. Ask yourself, “Did it move me closer to my goal?”
5. If it did, figure out step 2 and take action and so on…all the way to your goal
6. If it didn’t you need to recalibrate by quickly tweaking the strategy and taking action again

What you are doing here, is figuring out which of your actions will work in the real world.

Of coarse in certain situations trying a step once isn’t enough.

1. As your skills might not be high enough in that area yet
2. Or the sample size you tested on may not of been big enough.

If one of these are the case;

1. You need to either break the step down into mini steps and get feedback on these.

For Example, if in business you have not done many sales calls then you will need to keep doing them until you figure out whats working on the call and whats not. What is the prospect asking about? What are the objections that keep coming up?

With this real world information you can then go back and refine your product/service and your pitch and start the process again. Each time getting closer to the ideal solution and ideal sales call. The great thing is you will get your highest leveraged feedback early on in the process.

2. If your step required testing on a bigger audience, the obvious step is making sure you test it with a big enough audience early on. If you didn’t simply start the process again with a bigger audience.

I hope that today’s article has given you a push towards taking action on your goals starting today. Imagine where you could be a year from now if you did this. Just don’t imagine for too long and take that action you have been holding off on.

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