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Location of Cuba And Havana

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After booking flights to Cuba I was very excited to be going to this Caribbean country that has become so infamous ever since the Cold War. I wanted to make sure to check it would before the embargo was lifted, to see the Cuba I recognised from pictures.

We arrived into Cuba to stay beachside at Varadero, being the first time I’ve visited a Caribbean country I was loving the fantastic weather especially since I was coming from a cold Canadian winter!

For the first couple of days we spent lapping up the sun on the beach and enjoying a little R & R. It was the first all inclusive holiday I went on and it was such a treat when we had all food and alcoholic drinks included, you can be sure I made the most out of that!

Cuba Beach

We then arranged transport to Havana, something that I was by far most excited about. We spent a day and night exploring Havana, we went through loads of the markets in Old Havana, saw loads of the spectacular 1950’s American cars, The Catedral de San Cristobal, The Capitol Building in Havana, Morro Castle, Plaza de la Revolución and went for a walk along the Malecón (pier along the sea).

Somewhere on the road to #Havana #Cuba stopped off for a few #beverages

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Later heading off to check out Hotel Nacional de Cuba, a luxury and famous hotel in Havana, where loads of famous people have stayed, which is obvious from a room in the hotel with which is full of pictures showing this.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba Bryan

We also checked out the hotel where Hemingway stayed- Hotel Ambos Mundos, and had his Mojitos. For the reason I decided to get one, just for the sake of it!

Of course we had to get a chance to stop at a cigar shop and pick up a few supplies. I got a selection of Cohibas, Montecristos, Romeo y Julieta. Lighting up one of the Cohibas on the rooftop of a nice bar.

Cigar Buying Havana Cuba Bryan

That night we headed to an incredible Tropicana performance, where we sat back to some Havana Club Rum and watched this fantastic event, with so much colour and flashy dancing.

Tropicana Cuba

The next day we went on a tour east towards Santa Clara a site close to the centre of Cuba. It is the site of the last Cuban Revolution in 1958. Where two guerrilla columns attacked the city, one led by the famous Che Guevara.

We also went to check out Trinidad, a small place south of Santa Clara on southern coast of Cuba. It was a very beautiful little spot with huge amount of colour on the buildings.

It was great to get the chance to visit other cities outside of Havana and Varadero the tourist spot we were staying.

It was a fantastic time in Cuba, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to go back at some point.

Trinidad Cuba

Havana Cuba Cigar Bryan

Cuba Stamp Bryan

Cuba Havana 1

Cuba 1


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